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Jun 21, 2016
EnSync’s Technology as True Enabler of Distributed Energy Resources Featured at BOMA 2016
Advanced Energy Management Platform for C&I and Multi-Tenant Markets Offers Numerous Benefits for Grid Connected or Islanded Facilities; Real-Time Sync of Multiple Ancillary Services
EnSync’s patented Matrix Energy Management™ platform is a truly differentiated technology for easily integrating and controlling multiple distributed energy resources - such as solar, gen sets and storage - into a grid-connected or islanded electricity environment, while also optimizing in real-time numerous ancillary services.  This breakthrough technology enables a new vision of the electricity prosumer – owners of facilities that both produce and consume energy and provide valuable grid services. The platform works through the simple integration and synchronization of all power sources, routing the electricity in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, in or out of a facility. And it controls off-grid applications for remote locations, as well as microgrids built to enhance energy security.

The Matrix is modular and configurable, designed to meet the facility needs today, as well as provide a future-proof energy-management solution for new applications as they become available. Unlike any system currently deployed, Matrix is able to concurrently manage numerous ancillary services (see Matrix Functionality box below) which enables layered savings and/or income generation at the site. Facility owners experience greater benefits with a system that can stack new cost-savings and revenue-generating applications by simply stacking drawers in a Matrix cabinet. Uber intelligent and simply designed hot-swappable drawers are slotted in and out without taking the distributed generation system off-line, disrupting service, nor require hired contractors to develop computer code as the system changes.

EnSync released a Matrix white paper to provide a deeper dive on the industry’s only fully integrated management system to source electricity from the grid, distributed generation and energy storage, concurrently and in real time. At our website, you’ll also find a fun, three-minute video that features Matrix’s innovative way of managing electricity compared to the conventional inverter approach. 

Also available is EnSync’s Project Vignettes document which outlines the various locations we have energy management and hybrid storage systems installed, including on island of Oahu where a Matrix system presently manages distributed energy resources at a multi-tenant residence, and for a university campus installation on the Island of Hawaii.
About EnSync Energy Systems
EnSync, Inc. (NYSE MKT: ESNC), dba EnSync Energy Systems, is enabling the future of electricity with advanced energy management systems critical to a global economy becoming increasingly reliant upon the expansion of renewable energy. Whether part of the grid power transmission and distribution network, or behind the meter in commercial, industrial and multi-tenant buildings, EnSync technology brings differentiated power control and energy storage solutions to electricity-challenged environments. Our technologies also serve as the system level intelligence in microgrid applications, by seamlessly integrating multiple generation and storage assets to deliver power in remote and community level environments not served by the grid, or areas electing to use the grid secondary to microgrid assets. In 2015, EnSync incorporated power purchase agreements (PPAs) into its portfolio of offerings, enabling electricity savings for customers and providing a stable financial yield for investors. EnSync is a global corporation, with a joint venture in AnHui, China at Meineng Energy, as well as a strategic partnership with Solar Power, Inc. (SPI). For more information,
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